Danielssons Skomakeri – 1981

Danielsson's Shoemaker - 1981

Danielsson's Skomakeri is an old school workshop run by Thomas Danielsson. He is one of the first partners Hammargruppen started collaborating with and one out of two master cobblers in Malmö.
Danielsson's Shoemakeri

Starting off when he was 12 years old, Thomas was an errand boy at master John Persson's workshop in Eslöv where he cleaned the workshop, washed the shoes that were to be colored and unpacked new products.

Thomas Danielsson


After six months he started to work with the shoes a bit by taring the heels and started to get to know how to change the soles. He started picking up a sense of materials, which glue you use for what, how to sew by hand and how to use the machines. When he finished school he got a full time employment with John.

In 1981 he started his own workshop, taking over Snabb-Klacken from Erik Björk. Five years later he got his master diploma and is together with Kenth the two cobblers with a master in the cobbler handcraft in Malmö.

Mikael and Thomas first met at a cobbler's fair at Folkets Hus in Malmö in the middle of the 90's. Being two of the younger cobblers present they found each other relatively fast in the crowd.

The collaboration between the two started soon after this first encounter when Thomas started buying rubber products from Hammargruppen. When Hammargruppen started as a distributor for Crockett & Jones, Thomas was one of the first cobblers in Sweden who started selling the shoes at the Swedish market.

Today Thomas works together with his daughter Sofie who is currently learning the handcraft. Her best shoe care advice is to use cedar shoe trees to keep the shoes fresh and that they keep their shape. Also, you should always go to a cobbler to get your shoes repaired, don't try to do it at home.

The continuous maintenance of the shoes is really important. Therefore Thomas recommends that you should do the following three steps every 3rd - 4th time you have used your Crocketts:


  1. Use two pea-sized portions of shoe polish fromSaphir Medaille d'Or and spread it out on the whole shoe,
  2. let it dry for 5 minutes and,
  3. rub it in with a shoe brush .


When asked which pair of shoes Thomas would recommend to a first customer his answer is totally dependent on the shape of the customer's feet. A wider shape calls for last 325, where you can find the iconic styles Cavendish and Pembroke .

A more narrow foot would fit better in a last 348. Last 348 is the most common last in the Main Collection from Crockett & Jones and can be found in models such as Hallam , Lowndes and Westbourne .

In general he would recommend a Hallam or a Connaught since an Oxford toe cap is a model that everyone should have in their wardrobe according to Thomas.

Thomas' personal favorite is a Hallam in Black Calf with the Crockett & Jones city sole. This sole is as thin as a leather sole but has the durability of rubber. Thomas prefers the city sole since it's softer and easier to walk on compared to the leather sole. Because of this the city sole can be recommended if you suffer from a bit of sore feet.

If you should buy one pair of shoes Sofie's recommendation for women are the Jane boots . For men she recommends a Connaught since they are so versatile and follow any dress code regardless of the occasion.

Do you want to know more about Danielssons Skomakeri? Take a look at their website or visit their store in Malmö!

Danielsson's Shoemakeri
Köpenhamnsvägen 46
217 71 Malmö


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