How we work with Pre-owned:
Each shoe undergoes an individual grading process where different aspects are considered. In each grading step, the shoe is assigned a number based on its condition, where 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest. These are then added to calculate an average value which is listed under “overall”. Feel free to contact us here if you have questions regarding our concept or specific objects.

Our grading:
10: New
9: New with minor cosmetic defects (may have been tried on in store)
7-8: Barely used
6: Somewhat used with clear signs of usage
4-5 Used
1-3: Well used

10: New
9: New with minor marks from storage/testing
7-8: Used a few times outdoors
5-6: Used  
3-4: Well used
1-2: In need of resurfacing 

10: New
9: New with signs of testing
7-8: Lightly used
5-6: Use
3-4: Used and clearly shaped after the previous owner
1-2: Lumpy insole

10: New without marks
9: New with minor marks (e.g. color changes)
7-8: Minor marks and signs of usage (can also mean gross defects, for example extreme sun fading)
5-6: Clear marks and signs of use
3-4: Scratches, marks and minor color changes (possibly minor deformation)
1-2: Deformations, tears, possible cracking

Discontinued models:
The Discontinued models section offers discontinued shoes from the catalog and shoes that have been tried in store at a discounted price. The shoes may have minor cosmetic defects, therefore, all models are sold in existing condition. The section is updated after each release of new product catalogs. Please note that stock is limited, and only a few sizes are available. Sign up for our newsletter to receive updates on newly discounted products.