Davidsons Skomakeri – 1988

Davidsons Shoemaker – 1988

Marcus Davidson founded his business in 1998 on Skolgatan in Uppsala, refurbishing an old shoemaker shop to establish his own enterprise. With a heritage spanning three generations in the cobbler trade, Marcus continues the family legacy as a master cobbler, a title he has held for over a decade.

Davidsons Shoemakeri

Marcus Davidson

Over the years, Marcus has moved his business a few times, but for the last five years, he has been situated on Vaksalagatan in Uppsala.

As soon as you step inside the shop, you'll notice neatly displayed shoe care products and shoes lined up along the walls, creating a professional atmosphere

Marcus emphasizes the importance of maintaining orderliness in both the customer-facing areas and his workshop.

"I like it when everything is in its own place", Marcus tells us. "It is much more fun to be able to present an organized workshop for the customers.It fosters a sense of confidence in our expertise."

Around 2001, after researching high quality shoes to sell, Marcus Davidson started to collaborate with Hammargruppen. Reflecting on his early days as a cobbler, Marcus highlights the emergence of thermoplastic rubber in the shoe industry, which posed challenges in maintaining sole and heel quality. Recognizing the growing need for durable footwear in the Swedish market, he wanted to find the best shoes to sell. "It wasn't long before I discovered Crockett and Jones," he recalls. "In my experience, they are the best shoes in its price range, and offer exceptional value for money."

Davidsons Shoemakeri

Driven by his admiration for Crockett & Jones, Marcus's quest led him to connect with Hammargruppen and Mikael Pettersson. They first met at a Sweden Cobbler Association gathering, where they bonded over their mutual dedication to superior footwear and products. This meeting sparked a professional collaboration that endures to this day.

Marcus Davidson

At Davidsons Skomakeri, Marcus does not only sell Crockett & Jones; he also offers Saphir and Pantherella products. Like Hammargruppen, he aims for consistent quality across all items. Marcus explains that he wants to provide shoe care products that prolong the lifetime of the shoes, and luxury socks that are both breathable and comfortable.

Davidsons Shoemakeri

Marcus prioritizes "good value for money" when selecting brands like Crockett and Jones for his store; emphasizing that the products he sells should offer excellent value for what they cost. Marcus further explains that he places less importance on the initial price and more on the price per use. He illustrates how, with this perspective, Crockett & Jones shoes actually become the most economical choice over time due to their durability and longevity.

Davidsons Shoemakeri

Marcus offers essential shoe care advice, stressing the importance of proper use. He advises allowing shoes to air dry for 2 days after a full day's wear to prevent moisture buildup. He also suggests using shoe trees during drying to maintain the shoe's shape.

As for his favorite model, Marcus favors the Tetbury. He praises its comfort, attributing it to the absence of patterns or seams on the leather upper. The suede material complements his casual style and is easy to care for. "During winter, I prefer suede shoes since they are extremely durable and practical with the right waterproofing and protection", Marcus explains.

Tetbury Black Wax Calf, Crockett & Jones

When assisting customers in finding the perfect shoe, Marcus initiates the process by asking about their sole preferences. "The selection of sole is paramount in shoe sales, followed by the choice of model," asserts Marcus. He underscores the significance of tailoring the shoe selection to suit the customer's intended usage.

Davidsons Shoemakeri

Marcus also takes a serious approach to the fitting: "The fitting is extremely important since it's highly likely that the shoes will be your lifelong friends, and only with a proper fitting can you get the orthopedic correctness that the shoes offer." He dedicates considerable time, typically 15-60 minutes or more, to each fitting to ensure the perfect match for the customer. This level of personalized service underscores the value of purchasing shoes from a physical store.

Do you want to know more about Davidsons Shoemakeri? Have a look at their website or visit the store in Uppsala.

Davidsson's Shoemakeri
Vaksalagatan 14
753 20 Uppsala


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