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Saphir Medaille D'or

1001 Stories of Shoe Polish Tins

1001 Stories of Shoe Polish Tins

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Written by Laurent Vernay, this beautiful book tells the story of shoe polish and its accompanying jars. The book covers over 100 shoe care brands and explains in detail how these brands have evolved since their inception, combined with a deep dive into marketing dating back to the 1880s. Featuring more than 600 images, the book gives the reader a strong sense of the history behind each brand and its respective cultures. Written for anyone who loves beautiful shoes and has a keen interest in history.

Extracts from the book:

"Boxes contain so many erased memories and hidden nostalgia awaiting to surface again. The decorations themselves recall our passed attachments, whether they whisper to our ears the unspoken or shout out clear slogans...They deserve to be looked at, listened to..."

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